Other Materials

In addition to Granite and Marble, Stone Concepts, Inc. also offers quality fabrication using the following materials;

Travertine is a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs, especially hot springs. Travertine often has a fibrous or concentric appearance and exists in white, tan, cream-colored, and even rusty varieties.
Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed largely of the minerals calcite and aragonite, which are different crystal forms of calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Most limestone is composed of skeletal fragments of marine organisms such as coral, forams and molluscs.
Soapstone (also known as steatite, or soaprock) is a talc-schist., which is a type of metamorphic rock. It is largely composed of the mineral talc and is thus rich in magnesium.
Caesarstone® is a beautiful engineered quartz stone which comprises approximately 93% natural quartz.
The Zodiaq® counter top is a quartz countertop made by DuPont®
HanStone Quartz is a stone surface made from pure, natural quartz.
IceStone® countertops are made up of just three ingredients: pre and post-consumer recycled glass, Portland cement, and resins.
Trinity® is a composite surface made from a patent-pending formulation of recycled glass and low-carbon cement